Liberty Brown, Timber Beach House, Timber Beach Road,
Wessington Way, Hylton Riverside | T: 0191 516 9009

The award winning As You Like It team present, Liberty Brown, Pizza House, Bar & Grill.

At Liberty Brown we're famous for...
  • Award winning, healthy homemade food with no nasty bits
  • Comfy chairs that look a bit lived in
  • Sunday dinners with extra Yorkshire puddings
  • Lovin' kids, cos they're just like adults only a bit smaller.
  • Proper organic beer, it's cloudy and brewed by monks
  • Homemade bread, just because of the smell
  • Proper chips, minus the newspaper
  • 100% organic kids menu, definitely no turkey twizzlers.
  • Kids having a full 30 mins with Santa Friendly staff because a smile costs nothing
  • Tasty local produce, cos that's how it should be
  • So that's why we're bringing Liberty Brown to Sunderland.
  • We hope you like it.
  We are taking bookings now. Call 0191 516 9009

Book A Table

*Special offers such as Having a Party & The Amazing Club must be booked directly by contacting our team on  0191 516 9009 or 0191 300 8515 

Don’t worry if your slot is over booked, give us a call we might be able to squeeze you in!




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